Review: Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish – Fantasy Fire

FIRST POST. Scary times. Bear with me.

As I’ve been getting this blog up and running over the last few days I have been trying to decide which nail polish I should use in my first post. I’ve bought so many nail polishes in recent weeks that am STILL yet to use so it was a harder decision than you think. Really.

Plenty of huffing and puffing later I settled on this. Fantasy Fire made by Max Factor.

I bought this nail polish just last weekend from Boots simply because my sister told me it had sold out ‘everywhere’.  No matter how much of an exaggeration that was, I NEEDED IT. It was only £3.99 so I snuck it into my basket and took it home as my own.

The bottle itself seems incredibly small, but you as it is part of the Max Factor ‘Mini’ collection, you can forgive that. The colour in the bottle however, it AMAZING. It is sort of purple with a holographic glitter with a weird redish-pinkish-goldish-greenish shimmer. If you get my drift. Although, I’m not sure imagination could do it justice.

On application, this nail polish needs at least two coats. When I applied the first coat, it was immediately disappointing and it ruined five minutes of my day. After I had done the second coat though, it was actually quite pretty.

Fantasy Fire - In the shade

Fantasy Fire – In the shade

In the shade, it just looks like an impressively bright purple and doesn’t look like anything special at all really.

But when you get it in the sun and it catches the light….

Fantasy fire - In the sun

Fantasy fire – In the sun

BAM. Pretty fingers.

I also found that the sparkle sensation appears until spotlights in restaurants and toilet cubicles, which meant spending too much time on loo trips and when eating my dinner due to nail polish stareage.

There are two disappointments that I found with this nail polish. One is that it took FOREVER to dry. I painted while I was at work and when putting my cardigan on a good twenty minutes later, it crinkled up. The other is that I’ve had it on less than a day and it has already started disappearing from the end of my nails, leaving irritating while tips.

On another note, excuse the length of my nails (or lack of) – I’ve bitten my nails for years and have only recently made a huge effort to stop biting them. They’re gradually getting longer, but at the moment they keep splitting and breaking. Ergh.

Have you used Fantasy Fire before? If so, what did you think?

Laura x

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  • Heidi

    Hi, always nice to visit a fellow nail polish addict ;-)

    I have Fantasy Fire on my wish list – I like it a lot! :-)

    • shewhodoesnails

      Thanks! That water effect nail art on your blog looks amazing! Going to have to write that down for a future post I think ;)

  • Lindsay

    Very pretty color. I love “playing” with my nails every chance I can. I am actually hooked on sally hanson hard as nails. A few tricks i have learned over the years…
    1. ALWAYS use a good quality base coat, and top coat. 2. a great way to prevent polish from the tip fade, take the top coat (clear) brush it along the backside of your nail, and kinda pull it over, then go from the base of the nail to the top. Also, always let your nails dry 15 minutes between layers, then like an hour after all is said and done. If you place your tongue on your nail, you should not taste the polish, if you do, it is not dry, also your tongue will not leave marks like your finger does.

    • shewhodoesnails

      Great advice! I will have to try out that Sally Hansen polish :) And I’ve never heard of the tongue trick, but I’ll give it a go!

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  • Lisa

    Hi that colour looks beautiful! A bit of sparkle brightens your day! :-)

  • Imelda

    I am going to start giving up biting my nails!! Then I can have beautiful nails :) <3 the color btw! <3

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