The super exciting delivery and the wonderful boyfriend

On Wednesday during an Asos browsing (that was the intention I promise) session, I discovered the sale. Oh dear. Now usually this is good news for my wardrobe and bad news for my purse, but I thought I would have a browse through the beauty section of the site not knowing about their range of nail polishes. Well, the “browsing” session ended up being good news for my nail polish collection (but still bad news for my purse). I bought six polishes in all, and they all arrived yesterday!

First off I found a set of Models Own Beetlejuice polish which I had seen around a few times, but this had 20% off and was only £7 for three full size bottles! That went straight in the basket. Spending money doesn’t make me feel as guilty when the purchase has been reduced…

In the collection were Golden Green – a gorgeous shimmery duochrome polish that crosses between a bright gold and lime green when flashed in different lights, Emerald Black – another duochrome that tends to sway between a deep green and a navy more than a black which I think is to die for, and Pinky Brown – this duochrome seems to have little flecks of relective glitter in it which is a nice rich pink but changes to a dirty gold in some lights. Believe me – they are way prettier than the picture can do justice.

Fantasy fire - In the sun

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection – Golden Green, Emerald Black, Pinky Brown

I also opted for two of Barry M’s new Instant Nail Effect polishes just out of plain curiosity really. They weren’t in the sale (bad Laura!) but they were sooo tempting and I couldn’t resist. The Chameleon Blue changes colour to a turquoise (supposedly) when a clear top coat is applied, so I think the point is to use the top coat to form a pattern. The Foil Effects Silver is said to be a very reflective silver, like foil I guess. Anything shiny on my nails that will catch my eye is a winner for me.

Fantasy fire - In the sun

Barry M Instant Nail Effects – Chameleon Blue, Foil Effects Silver

I already have one Nails Inc magnetic polish, but what tempted me about this own was the fishnet magnet pattern! I wasn’t overly concerned with the colour, but if that magnet really works, then I will be thrilled. I think I going to have to put this one high up on the list of try-soons.

Fantasy fire - In the sun

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish – Piccadilly with fishnet magnet

Okay, so I didn’t get this from Asos. I ordered this a few days ago on Amazon and it just so happened to arrive the same morning. I LOVE IT. I have already been scheming up ways to use this with EVERY nail polish in my collection. I like rainbows. I like glitter. I LOVE RAINBOW GLITTER. I’ve seen quite a few reviews out there with this polish like this and this so I am really looking forward to trying it out.

Fantasy fire - In the sun

Technic Carnival

So after a long day of work and eeeking at new nail polishes, I met my boyfriend for a nice meal out. While at the table he told me he had two presents for me. THESE. I must admit it was very hard keeping my voice at an audible level when he presented them to me. ESPECIALLY with the Nails Inc one. My sister has that nail varnish and last time I visited I tried to “borrow” it, but I felt guilty so gave it back. I like to call this green “Oz Green” as the colour reminds of the huge display outside the front of the Wicked show in London. This colour is my favourite colour in the whole wide world. The price however was a little out of my range, so I had told myself I wasn’t allowed to buy it.

The Models Own is utterly beautiful too. I was really worried when I first saw it that it was one of the ones I had received in the post that day, but as luck would have it, it was from the same collection but a different colour. What a clever boyfriend I have! The colour of this polish is so impressive. It tends to shimmer between a blue, red and gold when you twizzle the bottle in the sun so I cannot WAIT to try it.

Fantasy fire - In the sun

Models Own Beetlejuice Purple Blue, Nails Inc Piccadilly Arcade

Have you made any new purchases recently?

Laura x

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