Day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge: Gradient nails

Today’s theme is ‘gradient nails’ and I have actually been really excited about this one! I’ve seen several other gradient manicures before, but particularly like the one that the Nailasaurus did here.

So I went out a bought a cheap bathroom sponge, snipped a bit off and set to work. This was the result…

Gradient nails – in the shade with flash

I think it could have gone better. I mean, I like it, but I could have done a bit more blue I think.

I started by painting my nails with a base of Barry M Foil Effects Silver and waited for it to dry. I then got an old plastic wallet (you know, the ones you use in folders to keep your coursework neat) and painted two squares of polish next to each other, one Barry M Foil Effects Silver and one Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Midnight Blue. I used a toothpick to mix together the two polishes where they met to try and create the gradient effect and then pressed the sponge onto the polish before dabbing it on my nail.

I think the polish was a bit sparse for my liking, so I think next time I would use a makeup sponge instead of a normal bathroom sponge. Hey ho, you live and learn. This is definitely a manicure I will try again soon though.

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For this manicure I used:
  • Sally Hansen – Maximum Growth
  • Barry M – Foil Effects Silver
  • Maybelline Forever Strong Pro – Midnight Blue
  • Sally Hansen – Insta-Dri

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  • Jo

    Love the colour combo’s you used lovely mani:D

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