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Fast Food Challenge: McDonalds Nails

I am so so pleased that last week was so successful as the first week of my new She Who Does Nail Art Challenges Group. Everyone was so creative and came up with so many great sweet themed manicures! You can see mine HERE, HERE and HERE. If you’re interested in joining the group, just request to join the group on Facebook and I’ll accept you :)

This week our theme is Fast Food – one of my favourite things in the world I am ashamed to admit! And one of my best grab on the go meals is a McDonalds. I know that their food isn’t the healthiest in the world, but it doesn’t hurt every now and then surely!

McDonalds Nails

This manicure was so much fun to do! I had it all in my head, but doubted my ability to do it completely!

I did enough finger one at a time unlike usual. I started by painting my ring finger with a base of Barry M Blood Orange and then used Barry M Yellow to paint on the famous golden arches. Then I tackled the cheeseburger. I painted the beef first using brown acrylic paint, and then did the cheese, relish and salad using yellow, red and green acrylic paints. Finally I used Barry M Lychee to paint the bun and used Barry M Matt White to dapple the seeds on top. Next I used acrylic paints to paint the fries onto my index finger and Barry M Blood Orange for the packet. Finally I used Barry M Matt White and Barry M Blood Orange to paint the cup onto my little finger. At the end, I used Seche Vite to give all my nails a lovely shine!

What’s your favourite fast food?

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Posted on by Laura Robson in Challenges, Nail Art 5 Comments
  • Madison

    These are SO incredible!!! I adore them. Think I need to start playing with acrylic paint… great job! Maybe this week I will get aroun to taking part in the challenge!

    • shewhodoesnails

      Thanks so much! Have you joined our group?

      • Madison

        I have! Just haven’t got around to taking part yet…!

  • Closet Diva

    wooot! i totally wanted in on this one but life got in the way can i join in and do the next challenge?

    • shewhodoesnails

      Of course you can!! Have you joined the group? The link is in the blog post :)

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