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I’ve seen this manicure a few times before and have wanted to recreate it for ages, but you know how things get pushed down your list! It was actually remarkably quick to do and was adorable – unlike real life bees which are terrifying!

Bumblebee nails

I started by painting my nails with a base of Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream. After that had dried, I used a tiny paintbrush and Nails Inc Black Taxi to draw the background for the bee and the flight path. I then used Barry M Yellow to fill in the bee head and stripes, and Barry M Matt White to fill in the wings. Finally, I added a little black dot for the eye.

Cutest design ever or what?!

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Posted on by Laura Robson in Nail Art 2 Comments
  • Sharon

    Can I make the terrible pun? Can I?

    BEE-AY-YOUTIFUL! Sorry ;-) I’ve always wanted to do this mani but never have, it’s so cute.

  • Setu Rohini

    ohh my could not b cuter!!

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