How cute are these little guys?! It’s getting quite a bit colder now in the UK so I started thinking about colder things and voila!
When my mum saw these she said that they reminded her of the group of penguins in the film Madagascar and I might have to agree :)

Penguin Nail Art

I started by painting my whole nail with two coats of Nails Inc Black Taxi. Next, I used Barry M Matt White with a little paintbrush to paint their little bellies. I then used the same white polish with a large dotting tool to make the whites of the eyes. When those had dried, I used the black polish again with a tiny dotting tool to make the pupils. Finally I used Barry M Block Orange with my tiny paintbrush to paint on the beak and the feet!

I’m getting really into my animal nail art at the moment. They’re just so cute I can’t resist! I’ve also made a tutorial of this nail art design so look out for that one tomorrow!

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