Review: Revlon Chroma Chamelon Collection

Today is the last day of my giveaway today! Have you entered it yet? If not, go to the bottom of this page and fill in the form to be in the chance of winning all six of these polishes!

I thought I would give you a quick review of this collection today to wet your tastebuds of what you might win :) Up for grabs is six of the polishes from the Revlon Chroma Chameleon Collection. They are a set of gorgeous duochromes that really pop on the nail!

Revlon Chroma Chameleon

All of these photos show 3 coats as it is quite thin, but it does build up nicely. I’m also thinking that these polishes might be nice topcoats to other coloured polishes, showing their duochrome effect to its highest potential!

Amethyst is a lovely mauve and goldy-bronze duochrome, flicking between the two colours depending on at what angle you view your nails.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Amethyst

Aquamarine is a very bright lilac and aqua duochrome polish. This one is extraordinary in natural light. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a polish shine so much without glitter.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Aquamarine

Cobalt is a rich indigo and blue duochrome. This polish is probably the least obvious duochrome and spends most of it’s time a dark blue colour, but you do get the shift of indigo occasionally when you catch the right light.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Cobalt

Pink Quartz is probably the softest of all the polishes, being a gold and pink duochrome. The change here is also subtle but really quite pretty. If you can catch the angle at the inbetween stage it turns a pretty sparkly peach!

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Pink Quartz

Tanzanite is a bright gold and fuchsia duochrome, spending most of its time fuchsia really. I really like this gold and bright purple is such an odd combination for a duochrome and I’m not 100% on how I feel about it.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Tanzanite

Topaz is a green and blue duochrome and is probably the most common of all duochrome colours. This polish incorporates two nice shades though so it’s a nice addition to the collection.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Topaz

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Posted on by Laura Robson in Reviews 4 Comments
  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Beautiful metallic shades – they remind me a little of the Estée Lauder A&W metallic collection too :o). Xx

  • Helly

    My fave is Amethyst (helps that it’s my birth stone too ;) )

  • Grace Bromley

    All beautiful, but love Amethyst, Cobalt and Tanzanite.

  • Lou

    Love Cobalt, its such a rich colour!

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