Advent Tutorial: Baubles

It’s Friday! At last. Cannot wait for the weekend. I’m off to see my parents in their new house tomorrow and cannot wait! But don’t worry I still have advent nail art designs to show you!

Behind door number six on my advent calendar today is everyone’s favourite shiny Christmas tree decoration….baubles!


So here’s the tutorial for you. I stupidly forgot to take a photo of the plain bauble with it’s string before painting on the pattern so I’ll have to do that all in one step. Hope you like it anyway though!

DSCN4336 Step 1

Start by painting your nail with a dark green base colour to represent the tree the bauble is hanging on. For this I used Barry M Racing Green.

DSCN4339 Step 2

Next, I painted a white circle on my nail. I want my bauble to be bright red, so giving it a white base will make it stand out more against the green. The white I used was Barry M Matt White.

DSCN4340 Step 3

Next, paint the red over your white circle. The red I used was Barry M Blood Orange.

DSCN4344 Step 4

This is where I should have done two pictures. Firstly, with a tiny paintbrush paint a gold line coming down from the top of your nail to join the bauble and paint a little rectangle for the top of the bauble. Next, use the gold polish again to paint a pretty pattern or design onto your bauble. Here I did zigzags with Barry M Foil Effects Gold.

Why not try different designs on each of the baubles across your fingers, just like I’ve done in my finished manicure!


I hope you like today’s festive manicure! Come back tomorrow for a design that’s a bit chilly!

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  • Chester

    Lovely! I have a student recital coming up tomorrow and your advent tutorials give me plenty of ideas for my mani :)

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