Advent Tutorial: Candles

It’s a late one today folks! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this posted today, but it’s been a busy day at church, visiting friends and putting up Christmas decorations! I promised it’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

Behind door number eight today is…..a candle!

Advent Tutorial: Candle Nail Art

Candles are one of my favourite parts of Christmas. Our living room is full of them at the moment, and my favourite is always my advent candle which I burn down a little bit every day until Christmas day.

Here’s how to paint them yourself…

Advent Tutorial: Candle Nail Art Step 1

Start by painting your nail with any backing colour that will help the colour of your candle stand out. I used Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.

Advent Tutorial: Candle Nail Art Step 2

Start by painting a rectangle for the candle on your nail in your favourite Christmas colour. Here I used Barry M Blood Orange. Then take a black polish and a thin paintbrush to paint the wick of the candle. The black I used is Nails Inc Black Taxi.

Advent Tutorial: Candle Nail Art Step 3

Take a bright yellow polish and using a tiny paintbrush, paint a little flame shape over the end of the wick. This yellow is Barry M Yellow.

Advent Tutorial: Candle Nail Art Step 4

Finally, add a tiny orange centre to the flame with the tiny paintbrush. This is Barry M Block Orange.

Here I painted a candle on every finger and used green as well as the red. The ultimate Christmas colours! These would look great using any colour or pattern candle though!

Advent Tutorial: Candle Nail Art

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