Advent Tutorial: Snowman

It’s the weekend! Hooray!

It’s day number seven of my Christmas Advent Calendar of Nail Art and I cant wait to show you what’s behind door number seven…’s jolly snowman!


There are two parts to this tutorial today: the snowman’s head and the snowman’s body. First up, the head!

DSCN4102 Step 1

Paint your nail with a pale blue base. I used Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.

DSCN4105 Step 2

Next, paint the shape of the snowman’s head with a small paintbrush and a white polish. The white here is Barry M Matt White.

DSCN4114 Step 3

Use a black polish and a tiny paintbrush to paint a top hat on the snowman’s head. I used Nails Inc Black Taxi.

DSCN4115 Step 4

Next, take the tiny paintbrush again and an orange polish and paint the snowman a carrot for a nose! The orange here is Barry M Block Orange.

DSCN4118 Step 5

Use the black polish again with a dotting tool and dot on the snowman’s eyes.

DSCN4121 Step 6

Again, use the black polish and the dotting tool to create the dots for the snowman’s mouth!

Next, the super simple body design…

DSCN4103 Step 1

Paint your nail with a base of white polish. Again, I used Barry M Matt White.

DSCN4117 Step 2

Finally, use the black polish again with the dotting tool to create his little buttons!

And here’s what the final design looks like! I painted a snow covering design on the tip of my index and little finger nails and used a white glitter polish for the show effect!


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