Aqua PR SS14 Press Day

A couple of weeks ago, a very exciting email dropped into my inbox! The PR company Aqua PR, who looks after beauty companies such as W7, asked me if I would be interested in visiting them at their press day to see the collections they have coming up in Spring/Summer 2014. Of course I couldn’t wait and so two weeks ago I got on a train and went off into London to see what new goodies I could find!

They had quite a few brands on display in their hotel suite and everything was organised so beautifully, I couldn’t resist taking lots of photos to share with you all!

The first thing I saw when I walked in was a display by Greenland, a company that specialises in in luxurious body care products! I tried the papaya hand cream you can see in the bottom left hand corner and it smelt absolutely amazing and had a lovely silky feel that left my hands feeling super soft. I thinking I might get this hand cream next when my current Lush one runs out.

Aqua PR SS14 Press Day

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My Nail Art Essentials

I’ve had a couple of requests for a post about all the equipment I use when I do nail art, so today I’ve put together some photos and I’m going to walk you through it all! Nothing is expensive, you could probably buy everything here for less than £30 altogether, so ideal if you want to get a few things to try out at home.

My Nail Art Essentials

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How are you following me?

Hi all,

I just wanted to do a quick post this afternoon about this blog rather than about nails – specifically about how you can follow it!

I’ve been doing nail swatches and nail art for quite a while now and have built up quite a collection of posts (and nail polishes!) and I am so grateful to the readership and followers that I have. Without you guys, blogging would be far less fun to do.

I do know though, that some people come to this blog and view my posts just when they think about it, or if they’re looking for something in particular…..but what if you miss something exciting?!

To avoid missing any of the nail art designs, polish swatches, giveaways and press announcements, there are several ways to follow me so you never miss a thing!


Facebook – I have a She Who Does Nails page on Facebook where I share links to all my latest posts. Like that page and you my posts will appear in your feeds!

Twitter – I’ve recently started getting into Twitter more, and love seeing and commenting on other’s nail art, and always reply to tweets, so come and have a chit chat with me by following me on Twitter (@shewhodoesnails)!

Instagram – Instagram is my new favourite app – there is a whole world of nail art on there! Follow me on instagram (@shewhodoesnails) to see cute little square collages of all my nail art designs that you won’t see on my blog, plus see sneak peeks of my nail art in progress that you won’t see anywhere else!

Pinterest – All my nail art designs get posted to Pinterest when I am finished writing the blog post, so it’s a great place to quickly go back through my library and see what you’ve missed as well as have it pop up in your feed when I have done something new!

RSS – If you use an RSS such as Feedly (or Google Reader that is now dead *sniff sniff*), use this link to subscribe to my blog’s feed. Each of my posts will be sent straight to your feed for you to read in your own time!

Email – If you look to the right in the sidebar there is a box titled ‘Subscribe to blog’ if you put your email address in that little box and hit the Subscribe button, my new posts will be sent straight to your inbox when I write them!

Bloglovin’ – Bloglovin’ is becoming more and more popular with blog readers these days as it is a great way to keep up to date with your favourite blogs. Click this link or the button in the sidebar to find out how to follow me on Bloglovin’!


Well that’s all for today folks! I hope you enjoyed my Friendship Bracelet nails post this morning :)

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