Review: Barry M Teal

I was lucky enough to receive a couple of nail polishes from my wonderful fiancé for my birthday this week. This beauty is one of them.

Barry M - Teal

As my regular readers will know, I am a big fan of Barry M nail polishes. They always have a good consistency, great colour and survive on my nails for ages! Barry M’s Teal is no different as was a wonderful present to receive.

Whenever we go shopping and I pop into Superdrug or Boots, Jack always sways towards the shiny bluey greeny polishes when I ask his opinion. Due to that, I wasn’t that surprised to pull this out of the wrapping paper!

Barry M Teal is a super shiny, shimmery, teal coloured (duh) polish. It only took two coats to get it opaque and I couldn’t stop staring at it! It is so so pretty. Not too thin, not too gloopy, dried quick, lovely!

You can buy Barry M Teal from Superdrug, Boots or the Barry M website.

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Review: Models Own Ice Neon Collection

I have been so desperate for this collection since I saw the promo stuff. The whole collection just screams summertime and we here in the UK are just desperate for that now.

I was being properly cheeky when I bought these polishes. I was checking my local Boots’ Models Own stand to see if the Ice Neon collection had arrived yet and noticed that there was a shop assistant rifling through the drawer beneath the stand so I thought I’d be nosy and look over her shoulder, and low and behold they were in the drawer! I asked if they were being put out and she said that they weren’t being displayed until next week and I was gutted! I thought I would be cheeky though and ask if I would be able to buy them early and she said I could if they ran through the till ok. I got her to check and they did! So as they were on 3 for 2, I bought all five and another polish (soon to be reviewed) for £20! Bargain.

Anyway, onto the polishes.

Toxic Apple is the most amazing bright green. I mean seriously. It is like highlighter green. I couldn’t think of anything in my wardrobe that it would go with, but I don’t care. It’s awesome. I might say though – these polishes are a bit thin, so I started each of these manicures with a base of Barry M Matt White.

Models Own Toxic Apple

Luis Lemon, like Toxic Apple, has a highlighter quality. It is an amazing colour and would great for a raving night out. This is definitely the brightest of all the polishes in this collection.

Models Own Luis Lemon

Pink Punch is more of a coral than a pink which I really like. I can totally see myself wearing this colour on my honeymoon while lying by a pool in the sun. I actually think I might have a bikini that will match!

Models Own Pink Punch

Bubblegum is the real pink of this collection. It is full on neon pink. This is the kind of colour I imagine 8 year old girls to love, and it really makes you spend far too much time staring at your nails reminiscing youth. I’ve never been much of a pink lover, but this is quite funky.

Models Own Bubblegum

I’m not sure I would call Pukka Purple a neon, but it is a bright purple. This is probably my favourite out of this collection as it is the one I am most likely to wear. Also, I have dark purples and lilacs, but no purples this colour. Woop!

Models Own Pukka Purple

Have you tried the new Models Own Ice Neon Collection yet?

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Review: Flormar 392

I apologise in advance for the rubbish photos in this post. Well, the photos are ok – they just don’t capture the holographic-ness of it.

This polish is gorgeous. Flormar is not a brand I had heard of at all, but I somehow stumbled across it on eBay and decided to buy a bottle. Well, I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Flomar - 392

Flormar 392 has such a great holographic shine to it. You can see it the most in the sun (as with most holographic polishes) and reminds me a lot of my Gosh holographic polish.

You can buy Flormar 392 from eBay and it has some really great pictures of it there.

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • Flomar – 392
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Review: China Glaze Get Carried Away

Yet again, I should have done a black base or layered the glitter up. Silver was a BAD choice.

This polish is the hardest thing to apply ever. The combo of mini, large hex and bar gitter pieces make it IMPOSSIBLE to get it even. What I really should have done was to layer it up loads and then it would have come out as nicely as The PolishAholic makes it look!

China Glaze - Get Carried Away

Unsurprisingly though, this polish hasn’t had good reviews from pretty much anyone. The idea of a black, silver and pink glitters is a really lovely idea, but this polish really just doesn’t work.

I think this might be the first time that I really don’t like a polish – especially a glitter one!

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • China Glaze – Get Carried Away
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Review: Butter London’s The Black Knight

Literally in love with this polish.

This is my first ever Butter London polish. My sister gave me this little parcel on Christmas day and it was such a wonderful surprise to unwrap it and find the beauty that is a Butter London bottle. They just look so sleek and sophisticated! And she knows me so well – dark polish with glitter! I was in heaven. I can’t believe how long it took me to write a post about it.

Butter London - The Dark Knight

I first applied one coat of this polish, but decided to take it off again and do a base of Nails Inc Black Taxi as The Dark Knight is quite sheer. After I did the black base, it only took two coats to get a cover glittery coverage. And surprisingly, this polish dried sort of matte! I actualy really liked it. The glitter is really subtle but still jazzy enough and the black is a really great shade.

You can buy this polish from Amazon for £11. A bit more than I would normally spend on a polish, but great as a gift!

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • Butter London – The Dark Knight
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Review: China Glaze Pizzazz

Not sure what I think of this one.

As gorgeous as it looks in the bottle, when I put it on the nail I was a bit disappointed. Maybe it was just the way I did it though. Instead of layering up the glitter to get a solid glitter effect, I started with a base of Barry M Silver Foil Effect and then did one dabbed coat of China Glaze Pizzazz.

China Glaze - Pizzazz

Maybe I haven’t been fair enough. In sunlight, this polish is quite pretty. The glitter is mainly silver, but also has flecks of pink, red, blue, yellow and green. As you move it around it catches the light in a really pretty way. I think I’m going to have to try this polish again but solid glitter instead of using a base, or maybe use a base in a brighter colour as I reckon that the silver is dulling it down.

I have seen some really pretty photos of this polish though so don’t just take my word from it! Purple Pretty Polish has done a great review of it and it looks amazing on her nails!

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • China Glaze – Pizzazz
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Review: China Glaze Water You Waiting For

How they come up with these awesomely odd names, I will never know.

China Glaze’s Water You Waiting For is another of the polishes that arrived in a Nail Mail package I received last week, and I loved it before I even tried it – GLITTER!!

China Glaze - Water You Waiting For

But seriously though, this colour really is beautiful. This polish is jam packed full of teeny tiny bits of blue and green glitter, most of the time giving off a nice turquoise colour (but unfortunately in this light it wants to be blue!). It really is special when you catch it in the light though, as it flashes more blue and green than turquoise – does that even make sense?

The formula is actually a little gloopy for my liking, and only needed two coats to get solid glittery magic. But I suppose that you have to allow glittery polishes to be a little thicker than creme polishes. It dries really really quickly though which was very nice. I’m actually starting to wonder what it would look like with a matte topcoat…

Are you a fan of turquoise polishes? I find that they look great on my skintone and probably have too many of them!

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • China Glaze – Water You Waiting For
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Review: China Glaze It’s A Trap-eze!

Last week I got some rather exciting Nail Mail! I received a few China Glaze polishes through the post to have a look at.

I’ve wanted some China Glaze polishes for so long now. They’re known to be such a high quality brand with a great selection of types and colours available – including plenty of glitters! And just my luck, the polishes I received we glittery ones!! Woop woop!

So today I have a review of It’s A Trap-eze! for you. It’s A Trap-eze! is a polish with a white creme base, packed full of shiny pink, blue, red, yellow and green glitters in a variety of sizes.
Looking at the bottle, my first throught was of what a lovely spring polish it is! I’m hoping that it’ll get warmer soon and so this polish would look great with some summer dresses!

China Glaze It's A Trap-eze!

When I first started applying this polish, I was a little disappointed that the white wasn’t as opaque as I had wanted, so I knew that it would take a few coats to get a decent colour. The amount of glitter was great though – not too much or too little, but I did have to do a bit of glitter blobbing as per usual with sparkly polishes.

What I should have done was to paint my nails with a white base coat before applying this polish. It would have had a much greater effect that way. None the less, I really did like this polish. It is quite different to anything I have seen before which is great in a market full of dupes! It actually reminds me of those little white chocolate buttons that are covered in sprinkles!
Any polish that makes my nails look likes sweets is good by me!

You can buy China Glaze polishes for only £6.95 from Beauty Bay. I quite like the look of the new Hologlam polishes! I’m definitely going to have to keep my eyes out for those!

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • China Glaze – It’s A Trap-eze!
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Review: Barry M Lychee

This is a polish I’ve had my eye on for a while. I’m a big fan of the Barry M Gelly Polish series and have quite a few of them, so I was pleased when they brought out some paler colours.

I’m not usually one to go for beige/tan polishes as I have such fair skin they tend to wash me out and make me look even paler, but this polish is actually quite nice on me I think. And it’s SO SHINY.

Barry M Lychee

This polish really would be a great one to wear around the office if you’re not allowed more extravagant polishes to work. It’s such a lovely shade and is really elegant.

It’s also quite a thick consistency as well, which makes me think that it would be great for stamping – I’ll have to make sure to try this out in the future!

Barry M Lychee

I bought Lychee from Superdrug for only £3.99 which is pretty good, but you can also get it in Boots or from the Barry M website. Superdrug and Barry M both have a 3 for 2 deal on at the moment so take advantage of that if you can!

Do you own any of the new Barry M Gelly Polishes? Are there any you would recommend?

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • Barry M – Lychee
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Review: beautyuk Smokey Lilac

I’m baaaacccccckkkkk!
Oh goodness it’s been too long. Wedding planning and work (and general laziness) have prevented me from posting for a while, but I have missed it so much and am so glad to be back painting my nails for you all to see again!

Unfortunately, my nails haven’t coped too well with the harsh weather we’ve had here in London over the last few months, causing them all to break and then I stupidly started biting them again. But thank goodness I came to my senses and stopped biting them, and they are now gradually growing again. So please excuse the shortness of my nails in the posts over the next few weeks.

Today I thought I would start off simple and decided to review a new bottle of polish I have just bought by beautyuk. It’s called Smokey Lilac, and is a really lovely soft colour perfect for the upcoming spring (although it’s hard to believe that it’ll ever arrive!).

beautyuk Smokey Lilac

The colour is really nice and I actually loved it on my skin tone, even though I do tend to prefer brighter colours. The formula is also really quite nice – I mean, it’s very very thin and did require three thick coats, but it dried down relatively thin and didn’t end up looking gloopy on the nail.

I think it would look perfect with silver glitter over it to make it a bit more glitzy – but you know what I’m like!!

beautyuk Smokey Lilac

I bought this polish from Superdrug for only £1.99 which is an absolute bargain, and I’m really tempted to go back and get a couple more from their selection. I especially like the look of their Posh Polish collection. GLITTER!!

Do you own any beautyuk polishes?

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • beautyuk – Smokey Lilac
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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