Review: GOSH Holographic Hero

When I first heard about GOSH Holographic Hero nail polish, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know what all the fuss was about as I hadn’t had the older version.

Then I saw a photo. I was SOLD.

Two weeks of daily Superdrug visits later and I was getting more and more frustrated. WHY was it not in stock anywhere?! Not even one of the shops I went into had even HEARD of it, let alone had it in stock. I was gutted, and about to give up all hope of ever having pretty sparkly fingers again.

Sunday came and my boyfriend and I were off to Hertfordshire for his mum’s birthday. On the walk from the station to his sister’s house we happened upon another Superdrug. My eyes lit up immediately and my boyfriend watched as I turned into a crazed mad woman before his eyes, dragging him into the store at full speed. I made a beeline for the GOSH stand and was gutted that I couldn’t see it lined up with the special polishes, but as my eyes glanced down to the ‘normal’ polishes I saw a flicker of RAINBOW. There it was. Like a rose between thorns.

The rest is history really. I bought the polish (while telling every nearby member of staff how excited I was to have found it) and was a happy person for a WHOLE day.

GOSH Holographic Hero

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Review: Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Trafalgar Square

This polish is one that I have had for quite a while. I remember going into my local Nails Inc salon to get it the SECOND it was released. I mean, how cool, a nail varnish with magentic bits in it!

Trafalgar Square is a really pretty grey/silver. I don’t tend to wear too many silvery polishes as I am much more of a gold person, but this is an exception due to the magnetic factor of it. On application, it is really smooth to use and has a nice consistency. When using magentic nail polish I tend to do a clear basecoat (at the moment I am favouring Sally Hansen Maximum Growth) and then one thin coat of Trafalgar Square. I leave this coat until it s dry to touch, then I have to get ready for turbo mode. For the magnetic effect, each nail much be done individually so that the polish doesn’t dry before you use the magnet. I paint one nail with a thick layer of the polish, then quickly hold the magnet over the top of the nail for a few seconds to get the ripple effect.

The great thing about Nails Inc Magnetic polishes is that the magnets have little curved finger rests on them, so you can place your finger on the rest while the magnet is over the nail to ensure that you are getting the nail close enough without having to worry about smudging the polish are ruining the pattern by moving the magnet accidentally.

Nails Inc Trafalgar Square - indoors

Nails Inc Trafalgar Square – indoors

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Review: Barry M Bright Pink

PINK. VERY PINK. That is my opinion of this polish.

I tend not to wear too much pink. I have a very pale pinky skin tone so wearing pink (especially slap-in-the-face-pink) can really make me look weird. Really, I’m not sure why I bought this polish. But I am super glad I did.

After two coats of this Barry M Bright Pink polish (wonderfully easy to apply as usual) and a top coat of Sally Hansen Instant-Dri, I had to calm myself for a few minutes as I couldn’t stop staring at the ridiculous colour on my hands. As it dried, and I thumbed through my wardrobe to find something that would go with it ok, I really started to warm to this polish.

But THEN I started to love it! The bright colour made my morning meetings approximately three times more interesting than they normally are and actually made me feel fun, which quite frankly seems to be required more and more since I left uni and got an adult job.

I’ve started taking photos at various stages throughout my train journey to work in the mornings, so excuse the gross coloured train seats in the background…

Barry M Bright Pink - indoors

Barry M Bright Pink – indoors

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Review: Models Own Beetlejuice – Golden Green

Evening ladies! Tonight I bring you a swatch of a Models Own polish from their Beetlejuice collection. Golden Green was delivered to me at the end of last week in a trio along with Pinky Brown and Emerald Black from ASOS, and I’ve been really looking forward to trying this one out.

The polish has such a lovely consistency, however I did have issues with it at first as there was a lot of polish that was hiding in the cap and as soon as the brush touched my nail, the polish careered down the brush and became a lake on my thumb. After a few bits of kitchen roll and a second base coat, I was ready to try again.

The polish definitely needed two coats, but it dried pretty quickly (but not too quick for the half-dry-drag) and I think the final colour is absolutely lovely!

Golden Green - in the shade

Golden Green – in the shade

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Review: Models Own Beetlejuice – Purple Blue

Today’s review comes to you courtesy of my boyfriend. A few nights ago we met at a restaurant after work and he presented me with two nail polishes, one of them being Models Own Beetlejuice in Purple Blue. You can read what else he got me here.

When looking at this colour in the bottle it shimmers a mixture of blue, red and gold with a little bit of purple scattered here and there which instantly drew me to it as I have a real thing for polishes that change colour when moved at the moment. I now own four colours from the Beetlejuice collection, and I was in Boots yesterday trying to tell myself that I don’t need the new Indian Ocean one.

The application of this nail polish is really lovely. It is not too thick, but not too thin. Also, it doesn’t dry too quickly so you don’t get that annoying polish drag across the nail when you go over a bit you’ve already done. The polish looked very brown when I had finished the first coat, but after the second coat it really did look very special indeed. The photos show two coats of Purple Blue with a topcoat of Sally Hansen Instant-Dri. You can click them to make them big!

Purple Blue - in the shade

Purple Blue – in the shade

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Review: Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish – Fantasy Fire

FIRST POST. Scary times. Bear with me.

As I’ve been getting this blog up and running over the last few days I have been trying to decide which nail polish I should use in my first post. I’ve bought so many nail polishes in recent weeks that am STILL yet to use so it was a harder decision than you think. Really.

Plenty of huffing and puffing later I settled on this. Fantasy Fire made by Max Factor.

I bought this nail polish just last weekend from Boots simply because my sister told me it had sold out ‘everywhere’.  No matter how much of an exaggeration that was, I NEEDED IT. It was only £3.99 so I snuck it into my basket and took it home as my own.

The bottle itself seems incredibly small, but you as it is part of the Max Factor ‘Mini’ collection, you can forgive that. The colour in the bottle however, it AMAZING. It is sort of purple with a holographic glitter with a weird redish-pinkish-goldish-greenish shimmer. If you get my drift. Although, I’m not sure imagination could do it justice.

On application, this nail polish needs at least two coats. When I applied the first coat, it was immediately disappointing and it ruined five minutes of my day. After I had done the second coat though, it was actually quite pretty.

Fantasy Fire - In the shade

Fantasy Fire – In the shade

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