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Advent Tutorial: Christmas Tree

I can’t really believe that we’re four days in already! I’ve been planning this for so long, and it’s going to be over and done before I know it. Still, I am having so much fun sharing my Christmas-themed manicures with you!

Behind today’s door is……a Christmas tree! Baubles, tinsel, star and all :)

Advent Tutorial: Christmas Tree Nail Art

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Advent Tutorial: Candy Cane

Morning all! I hope you are all enjoying the first few days of December :) I think it’s supposed to start getting really cold this week in the UK, so plenty of opportunity to wrap up warm at home and do some nail art!

It’s the 3rd of December today, so what’s behind door number three? It’s a candy cane!

Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial

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Advent Tutorial: Holly

Bit upset today because I STILL don’t have a chocolate advent calendar. Cannot find a Cadbury’s one literally anywhere! But oh well, I still have this advent calendar to keep me going!

I hope you all enjoyed my little robin tutorial yesterday! Behind today’s door is a little holly and berries pattern, click the link below to have a look :)

Advent Tutorial: Holly Nail Art

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Advent Tutorial: Robin

And so it begins!

The 1st of December is here, and so starts my Advent calendar of nail art! Behind the door of number one today is a little robin!

Robin Nail Art

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Tutorial: How to paint ladybirds

I am really loving sharing tutorials with you all at the moment, and am planning on doing a whole series of new ones very soon, but today let me share with you how I painted my ladybird nails yesterday!

How To Paint Ladybird Nail Art

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Tutorial: How to Paint Penguin Nails

I am so glad that so many of you enjoyed my penguin nails yesterday, so I thought I would give you all an early Christmas present and share a tutorial for it!

How To Paint Penguin Nail Art

Click to see it step by step!

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Tutorial: How to Paint Flamingo Nails

So I’ve had a request to do a tutorial of how to paint my flamingo nails, and as it is really very easy, I thought I would oblige!

You will need a light blue polish, a bright pink polish, a light pink polish, a small paintbrush and a dotting tool or toothpick. And don’t forget your base coat and topcoat!

Flamingo Nail Art Tutorial

Click to see it step by step!

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Day 30 of the 30 Day Challenge: A tutorial

It’s the last day of the challenge! I’m kind of glad that it’s coming to and end actually as my nails really need a bit of a rest, but I have enjoyed having to come up with something new every day!

Today’s theme is ‘a tutorial’ so I have decided to create a tutorial about how to stamp. I realise that some of you may already know how to do this, but I know a couple of you have never seen this technique before. So this tutorial is for you!

I started by painting my nails with Barry M Spring Green, which is one of my favourite polishes at the moment.

Here you can see the stamping plate I am using for this tutorial. It is a small round metal plate with patterns and shapes indented into it. In this case, the images are of little monsters!

And these are the two other items you’ll need to do stamping. The first of which is the stamper which has two slightly curved rubber ends, one larger than the other. The other is a small plastic card like an old gift card or something. The one I use is a little card that came with a set of stamping plates I got.

The first thing to do is get the polish you are going to stamp with and cover the stamping plate image you are using with a layer of it. The rest of the steps need to be done pretty quickly so that the polish doesn’t dry.

Then, use your card to scrape the excess polish off the top of the image. I tend to put a piece of kitchen towel under the image so that you can wipe the polish off the card when you are done.

Here you can see the polish left behind on the image after the excess has been scraped off, and the mess that I made doing it!

Then press the stamper onto the image to pick up the polish. Try not to press to hard as you don’t want to smudge the image.

Here you can see the polish has been transferred onto the stamper. If you have a bit of smudging (like I did) you can clean that up using a cotton bud dipped in polish remover, but remember to be quick!

Then, slowly roll the image onto your nail from one side to the other to cover your whole nail in the image. Again, don’t press too hard to avoid smudging!

As you can see, the stamped image can get all over your finger so clean that up with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover and then move onto the next nail!

It might sound like quite a tedious process, but actually it’s pretty quick when you get the hang of it. The most annoying part is waiting for the base colour to dry properly before stamping so not to smudge it.

You can get the stamper and plates I have by using the links shown in the steps above or by searching ‘Konad stamper’ and ‘stamping plates’ on Amazon.

I hope this post has shed some light for you!

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PVA Glue for easy removal of glitter polish

Up until now, my method for removing glitter nail polish involved soaking cotton pads in nail polish remover, placing them over my nails and then wrapping my nails in kitchen foil. I’d leave my fingers wrapped up for five to ten minutes and when I’d take them off, most of the glitter would come off with them leaving a small amount of clean up with my nail polish remover. This whole process is really time consuming and I always dread it because of how fiddly it is. So when I saw this new method for glitter polish removal I had to try it out.

The materials I used were PVA glue, an old empty nail polish bottle, a bottle of glitter polish and an orange stick.

Materials needed

I didn’t have a completely empty nail polish bottle, so I used one that was nearly empty and poured the remnants out into the bin (NOT THE SINK!). I then cleaned the bottle and brush out with nail polish remover and then water. The PVA glue used MUST BE NON-TOXIC. This is important as you don’t want to damage your nails or skin. I found this big bottle from WHSmiths in the kid’s art section for £2.99.

The first thing to do it fill your empty nail polish bottle up with PVA glue. I did this by making a little funnel out of a rolled up piece of paper. Easy peasy.

Please excuse the horrid yellow colour of my nail in the photos :( A certain gold polish I used last week destroyed it!


Paint a coat of PVA glue onto your nail. It’ll come out looking white but don’t worry. Try not to do too much of a thick coat, it’s not really needed.

Wet coat of PVA glue

The glue will dry clear and shiny on your nail in about five minutes or so.

PVA glue has dried

Next you need to paint on your glitter coat of choice. I chose Nails Inc Piccadilly Arcade which is particularly hideous to remove, as beautiful as it is. Here I did a really thick coat to get as much glitter on as possible.

Thick coat of Nails Inc Piccadilly Arcade

Once the glitter polish had dried, I took my orange stick and start to push back the polish from the cuticle. I can’t believe how easy it was! I didn’t have to apply any force at all as it comes away from your nail really easily. I’m using a wooden orange stick as it is much less likely to scratch your nail than a metal one :)

Glitter half peeled off

The nice thing about this is that the glitter polish comes off all in one piece, so you’re not there for hours trying to pick the remains off!

Glitter nearly completely peeled off

Here you can see the glitter completely peeled off of my nail and sat next to it! All my nail needs is a light wipe with some nail polish remover to make sure I have removed everything and I’m done!

Glitter competely peeled off

All in all, the peeling off process took less than thirty seconds to do the one nail, but I was being more careful than I really needed to be. This is definitely a method I will use in the future when using glitter nail polishes, as it just makes the whole process so much easier.

I’m not sure whether the PVA glue protects your nails from staining however, so it might be worth using a base coat before your PVA coat, just to make sure!

Please take some time to read the comments at Nails by Ms. Lizard as others has done some further research into this method that is really useful to know!

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