Review: Zoya Gie Gie

So I confess, another post where I took the photos ages ago! I’m still trying to make my way through the nail polishes I bought during my trips to the USA and Turkey.

Zoya Gie Gie is a polish I bought when I was in Utah. I was there on business for a week and made sure I had time to visit all the popular cosmetics shops in the evenings. This sweet little polish came from Ulta which is just the most amazingly overwhelming shop if you’re into nail polish!

Zoya Gie Gie

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Monarch Butterfly

So I actually did this manicure months ago! I finally got around to editing the pictures this week, and still like it enough to share it with you :)

This is supposed to be a monarch butterfly style manicure! Isn’t it pretty?


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Review: Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Azure

Another polish from my trip to Utah a few months ago!

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Azure is a lovely rich purple-y blue. It has a slight duochrome metallic shine to it, shifting from royal blue to a cold shade of purple.

The bottle is nice and tall and has a good amount of polish in it. The brush is nice and wide, allowing you at get a good coverage of the nail in just two or three sweeps.

Sally Hansen Azure

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101 Dalmatians

I seem to have caught the Disney nail art bug!

This is a design I saw pop up on a random Google search and just know I had to have a go at it! You can see the original version by Lisa Nails HERE.

I haven’t seen 101 Dalmations for years, but painting this manicure has immediately sparked my desire to watch it again. Only £8.99 on Amazon, so I don’t mind if I do!

101 Dalmatians Nails

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Giveaway: Revlon Chroma Chameleon Polishes

Well, this giveaway is WELL overdue.

It was She Who Does Nail’s first birthday back on the 10th August, but as this day was also my wedding day, I didn’t get around to celebrating it. But this week I hit 1000 followers on Instagram, and thought what the heck, I’ll have one now!

For this giveaway I have 6 Revlon Chroma Chameleon Polishes in shades: Tanzanite, Cobalt, Aquamarine, Pink Quartz, Amethyst and Topaz! These are really beautiful polishes and I have swatches of them coming up over the next couple of weeks to show you what you are playing for!


To enter for a chance to win, simple use the snazzy form below. You’ll gain an entry or two for following me on various social networks and for sharing the giveaway around. I really hope you enjoy playing for this prize as much as I am enjoying looking at them!

This giveaway is open to UK residents only and will end at midnight on the 13th November!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Toy Story Aliens

I have been waiting to do these nails for absolutely ages! I just needed them to be long enough, and we’re finally there!

I got the idea from the amazing CutePolish’s video HERE and thought I would recreate it in my own way.

Toy Story Alien Nails

I started by painting my nails with a base of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue. then I used a small paintbrush with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lickety-Split Lime to paint the alien’s head and two little pointy ears. I used the same polish to draw the antenna and a dotting tool for the top of the antenna. After the green had dried, I used a big dotting tool with Barry M Matt White to create the white of the eyes. Finally, I used Nails Inc Black Taxi with a tiny dotting tool for the pupils.

How cute are these! I thinking I might do a whole Toy Story series. It’s such a great series of films!

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Review: Jacava Raspberry Bavarois

Hi all! Today I have another review for you about a polish made by the relatively new British brand, Jacava. This luxurious polish is called Raspberry Bavarois.

Jacava’s Raspberry Bavarois is a wonderful hot pink but with a richer, fuller tone. This pretty pink has much more of a red undertone to it than a purple, and so really suits my skintone which is just one of the reasons I love it so much!

The bottle itself is very tall with a nice long brush handle which is great for getting a good grip. The brush is nice an smooth flowing and I managed to get full coverage of my nail in just three strokes. Much better than some polishes.

Jacava Raspberry Bavarois

It took just two coats to get a nice even colour on my nail, which was great as I really hate my nail polish too thick.

You can buy this beautiful pink polish HERE for £14.50, which is a little high for your average nail polish purchaser, but it’s also an 8-free polish (free from lots of nasty chemicals) and even has gold leaf writing on the bottle!

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Jewels in the Sea

Something a little more abstract from me today! I realised that I haven’t done any stamping for ages  and couldn’t resist pulling the glitter out too, so here is something a little less inspired and a little more puzzle-like. I actually had quite a lot of fun doing this one!

Jewels in the sea nails

I started by painting my nails with two coats of Sally Hansen’s Lustre Shine in Azure, and after that had completely dried, I used a Cheeky stamping plate with Barry M Foil Effects Silver to stamp on the wavey pattern. I then used a toothpick dipped in clear nail polish to place on the little bits of silver glitter to give it that last touch of glam!

I love how this mix of colours works so well. The Sally Hansen Azure changes from blue to purple as you move your hand, which compliments the twinkle of the glitter and the silver wave!

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Review: Golden Rose Holiday 55

Today I have another treat for you from sunny sunny Turkey!

This horrid weather in the UK is making me daydream of the warm skies and blue seas of our honeymoon, so what better way to reminisce than with a polish I bought when I was out there!
This wonderful sparkly glitter bomb is Golden Rose Holiday 55. It really is quite magnificent,  a cool water blue fine glittery/grainy polish with hints of silver glitter mixed within.

Golden Rose Holiday 55 Nail Polish

This baby is opaque like this in just two coats, which is extraordinary for a glitter polish. The bottle is so jam packed with glittery bits though, that it fills the nail quickly and evenly.
It isn’t a smooth finish which I quite like and leaves you with almost a sandy feel – the perfect colour and texture to make you think of a holiday.
Golden Rose Holiday 55 is one of their Holiday collection which is a wonderful set of shimmery polishes – it was so hard to choose! I did buy two more though – a pinky purple and an orangey red – so keep an eye out for those posts to appear here soon!
I bought Golden Rose Holiday 55 for 7 Turkish Lira, which is just over £2, a complete bargain as far as I’m concerned! It’s a little bit more tricky to get hold of in the UK, but if you must have it you can find it HERE on Amazon for £7.40.
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Dandelions in the wind

I must confess, this is a bit of a copy as I saw this style of manicure somewhere on twitter last week, but I can’t remember whose it was! So if you did a dandelion manicure recently, then thanks for the inspiration for today’s post!

I decided to go for quite a cartoony look today as dandelions are so detailed that I’m not sure my tiniest brush is small enough! I still quite like the effect though, but I think I could have done fewer pieces on my ring finger. But hey ho, never mind :)

Dandelion Nails

I started by painting my nails with two coats of Topshop’s Easy Breezy. I realise that I use this polish a LOT for nail art, but I shan’t apologise because I love it so much :P Next I used a small paintbrush with Essence Deep Sea Baby to paint the little stalks. After that had dried I used Barry M Matte White (my faaaaavourite white) to paint on the little fly away bits – whatever you call them.

It was so easy and simple to do that literally anyone could do it. I dare you to give it a go, and don’t forget to send me a pic so I can see what a great job you’ve done!

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