Review: Mavala Sublime Collection Warm Grey

This is a press sample.

Sadly, the time has come and we are at the end of looking at the gorgeous Sublime Collection from Mavala. I really do think this is one of the nicest polish collections I own, as I do love my autumn colours!

Today I have for you, the soft natural colour of Warm Grey.

Mavala Sublime Collection Warm Grey

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Review: Mavala Sublime Collection Ivory Beige

This is a press sample.

Morning all!

Today I have another polish for you from the oh-so-gorgeous Sublime Collection by Mavala. This time, it’s a lovely self-descriptive polish called Ivory Beige.

Ivory Beige is a lovely smooth creme polish in a sort of pale cafe latte colour. I think actually this is the colour that my mum has just decided to paint her hallway in her new house!

Mavala Sublime Collection Ivory Beige

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Nudey Flowers

More stamping! Woop! I just love it :)

This is a bit different to the kind of stamping I normally do – mainly because I haven’t used a metallic polish!

I’ve heard through the blogging grape vine that the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes are good to use as stamping polishes as they are thick one-coaters. I just had to try it out.

Nudey Flowers

I started by painting my nails with Barry M Lychee which is a really pretty beige colour that I’m loving right now. I then used Barry M Blood Orange and Bundle Monster Stamping Plate BM-224 to stamp on the floral pattern.

Look how well it worked!! It hasn’t missed any of the bits of image or anything! I did have to work quite quickly, but that’s nothing different to normal when using polishes that aren’t made especially for stamping.

Have you tried any other polishes for stamping? What has worked for you?

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Mario Mushrooms!

I have been SO EXCITED about showing you all this manicure…..Mario Mushrooms! Aren’t they the cutest things ever?! They might have taken me FOREVER to do, but it was totally worth it.

If you’ve ever played Super Mario or Mario Kart, I’m hoping you’ll know exactly what these are. It was amazing how many people at work who hadn’t played the games thought they were ladybirds though….go figure.

Mario Mushrooms

I started my painting three nails with Barry M Blood Orange (actually a red) and one nail with Barry M Spring Green. After that had dried, I used Barry M Lychee and a tiny paintbrush to paint on their little bodies. I then tried to use my Barry M Nail Art Pen in White to draw on the spots, but they were a little too runny, so I reverted to my tiny paintbrush and a bottle of Barry M Matt White. Once it was all dry, I used Nails Inc Black Taxi (not Barry M shock horror!!)  to paint on the thin border and the little eyes.

Cutest thing I’ve ever done?

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Review: Angelica Soft Satin Matte Collection

Two weekends ago I spent the day at Westfields shopping centre in London with my hubby-to-be spending my birthday money on LOTS of lovely new polishes. After we had finished, Jack kindly took my shopping home and I went off into Central London for my friend’s hen party! We were supposed to meet in a restaurant just off of Oxford Street and as I arrived really early, I decided to pop into Primark to have a look around.

Just as I walked in the door, I saw a whole stand of Angelica polishes pretty much beckoning me over! Out of all the polishes I could have chosen, I actually only bought five (one whole collection) which I didn’t think was too bad as they were only £2.50 each!

Angelica Soft Satin Matte Collection

The Soft Satin Collection consists of five colours – Au Naturel, Marshmallow, Peppermint, Iced Sorbet and Bluebell. They are all soft of matte, but not quite…it’s a really nice effect! The formula for all of them is the same, nice and thin, which is a really refreshing change (bit sick of having one gloopy polish in a collection). Each of these photos shows just two coats of the polish which was lovely as it didn’t end up leaving the polish too thick on my nails.

The Au Naturel polish of the collection is a beautiful nude beige colour. It would be perfectly professional and plain enough for work, but the satin effect really gives it a nice edgy touch.

Angelica Au Naturel

Marshmallow is a lovely soft pink, actually the palest of all the pinks I own, so I was glad to add it to my collection. It makes me think of ballerinas :)

Angelica Marshmallow

Peppermint is my second favourite polish in this collection – green is my absolute favourite colour ever, especially mint greens. This colour is so smooth and subtle, perfect for the upcoming summer!

Angelica Peppermint

Iced Sorbet is my favourite polish in my collection. “ORANGE?!” I hear you gasp? I absolutely love this soft orange polish. I don’t think I have EVER seen this colour in a polish before. Most oranges are really bright and end up making my skin look really weird, but I love how this looks against my skin.

Angelica Iced Sorbet

Bluebell is definitely the brightest in the collection, a more purple than lilac colour, and is louder than I expected from the bottle. It still looks very pretty as a satin polish though, but probably is my least favourite in the collection.

Angelica Bluebell

You can buy Angelica polishes from big Primark stores for just £2.50 each or from the Angelica website for £2.75!

I actually didn’t realize that they have as many polishes available as they do until I saw the website! There are now so many more that I have my eye on! I love the look of the Two Tones or the Foil Metallics!

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Fast Food Challenge: McDonalds Nails

I am so so pleased that last week was so successful as the first week of my new She Who Does Nail Art Challenges Group. Everyone was so creative and came up with so many great sweet themed manicures! You can see mine HERE, HERE and HERE. If you’re interested in joining the group, just request to join the group on Facebook and I’ll accept you :)

This week our theme is Fast Food – one of my favourite things in the world I am ashamed to admit! And one of my best grab on the go meals is a McDonalds. I know that their food isn’t the healthiest in the world, but it doesn’t hurt every now and then surely!

McDonalds Nails

This manicure was so much fun to do! I had it all in my head, but doubted my ability to do it completely!

I did enough finger one at a time unlike usual. I started by painting my ring finger with a base of Barry M Blood Orange and then used Barry M Yellow to paint on the famous golden arches. Then I tackled the cheeseburger. I painted the beef first using brown acrylic paint, and then did the cheese, relish and salad using yellow, red and green acrylic paints. Finally I used Barry M Lychee to paint the bun and used Barry M Matt White to dapple the seeds on top. Next I used acrylic paints to paint the fries onto my index finger and Barry M Blood Orange for the packet. Finally I used Barry M Matt White and Barry M Blood Orange to paint the cup onto my little finger. At the end, I used Seche Vite to give all my nails a lovely shine!

What’s your favourite fast food?

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Sweets: Haribo Cola Bottles

Continuing with the Sweets theme this week in the She Who Does Nail Art Challenges Facebook group this week, I wanted to do another nail art manicure!

I was thinking about what my favourite sweets are, and somewhere at the top of the list I would place Haribo Cola Bottles – both plain and fizzy! As these are relatively simple looking sweets, I was wondering how I could convey them on my nails. I thought about drawing little bottles, but thought that might end up looking a little weird. In the end, I came up with this…

Sweets: Haribo Cola Bottles

How cool is the fizzy nail!!

I started by painting my index, ring and little finger with a base of Barry M Lychee, and my middle finger with a base of Barry M Blood Orange. Once that had dried, I sponged a gradient onto the cola bottle nails using Barry M Lychee and LA Colors Bronze Bombshell. I also painted the word ‘Haribo’ onto my middle finger using Barry M Yellow. After it had all dried, I painted my nails with Rimmel Pro Matte Finish topcoat, so make them look less shiny, and while it was still wet I sprinkled some sugar over my ring finger to give it the soured sugar effect!

I am so so pleased with how this came out! It just makes me want to go and buy a bag…

What are your favourite sweets?

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • Barry M – Lychee
  • LA Colors – Bronze Bombshell
  • Barry M – Blood Orange
  • Barry M – Yellow
  • Rimmel – Pro Matter Finish
  • Sugar
  • Makeup sponge
  • Tiny paintbrush

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Review: Barry M Lychee

This is a polish I’ve had my eye on for a while. I’m a big fan of the Barry M Gelly Polish series and have quite a few of them, so I was pleased when they brought out some paler colours.

I’m not usually one to go for beige/tan polishes as I have such fair skin they tend to wash me out and make me look even paler, but this polish is actually quite nice on me I think. And it’s SO SHINY.

Barry M Lychee

This polish really would be a great one to wear around the office if you’re not allowed more extravagant polishes to work. It’s such a lovely shade and is really elegant.

It’s also quite a thick consistency as well, which makes me think that it would be great for stamping – I’ll have to make sure to try this out in the future!

Barry M Lychee

I bought Lychee from Superdrug for only £3.99 which is pretty good, but you can also get it in Boots or from the Barry M website. Superdrug and Barry M both have a 3 for 2 deal on at the moment so take advantage of that if you can!

Do you own any of the new Barry M Gelly Polishes? Are there any you would recommend?

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • Barry M – Lychee
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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