Advent Tutorial: Presents

It’s the weekend, hooray! What are all you lovely people up to today then? Painting your nails I hope!

So onto the Christmas Nail Art Advent Calendar…what do you think is behind the door today? It’s a wrapped up Christmas present!

Advent Tutorial: Christmas Present Nail Art

Click to see it step by step…

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Fast Food Challenge: Fried Chicken Nails

Please tell me this looks like fried chicken legs! I know my ring finger is a bit weird, but literally no one at work could work out what they were :(

It has been so so hard coming up with another manicure for the fast food theme in the She Who Does Nail Art Challenges group, especially after the mad success of my McDonalds design!

Finally, I came up with the idea of fried chicken nails. It looked better in my head before I started painting it, admittedly.

Fast food Challenge - Fried Chicken Nails

I started by painting one base coat of Barry M’s Blueberry Ice Cream and then used a tiny paintbrush to paint the chicken bits of the chicken with LA Colors Bronze Bombshell, also using it to paint my ring finger. After that, I used the new Barry M Nail Art Pen in White to draw on the little chicken bones (still loving these pens – see my review HERE). Finally, I used a brown acrylic paint to create the texture on my ring finger and on the little chicken pieces.

I hope you all like it! It’s making me want a KFC for lunch!

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Review: Barry M Magnetic Moon Dust

Today I have for you another of my birthday presents I received from my fiancé.

This is actually only my first Barry M Magnetic nail polish. I’ve never been the biggest fan of magnetic polishes and so have steered clear of them really, preferring glitters and normal cremes from Barry M’s massive collection.

Oh how wrong I was. I have only two other magnetic polishes, both are Nails Inc polishes. One is good, one is not so good. But Barry M have really pulled this off and the effect is so much stronger than I was expecting or used to!

Barry M Magnetic Moon Dust

Barry M Moon Dust paints on a really gorgeous shimmery beige colour. I’ve become quite a fan of beige nail polishes recently so it was a nice surprise as the colour in the bottle looks bronze and gold!

I painted one coat of Moon Dust before letting it dry completely. After that, I painted a thick coat onto one nail and quickly held the magnet that comes with it over the nail using the little guide on it. I only held it there for about 10 seconds before I saw the amazing effect. The beige colour was still visible from beneath as stripes, but now it had gold/bronze stripes over the top of it. As you move it in the light it looks so beautiful – almost like an optical illusion!

You can buy Barry M Moon Dust from Superdrug, Boots or the Barry M website for only £4.99.

Do you have any magnetic polishes?

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Day 24 of the 30 Day Challenge: Inspired by a book

There was only ever going to be one book (or series of books) I chose for today. I’ve been a fan of the Harry Potter books for more than ten years now and it was so much fun doing a tribute to them on my nails!

I wanted to keep it relatively simple, but still obvious enough what the theme was so I decided to do a take on the four houses at Hogwarts – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. I also add a cheeky Potter lightning bolt scar onto my thumb.

I painted my thumb with Models Own Black Magic, my index finger with No7 Pillar Box, my middle finger with Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, my ring finger with Barry M Yellow and my little finger with Sally Hansen Emerald Express.

I then used a striping brush to make the lightning bolt and stripes. The lightning bolt and index finger were done with Barry M Foil Effects Gold, the middle finger with LA Colors Bronze Bombshell, the ring finger with Models Own Black Magic and the little finger with Barry M Foil Effects Silver.

I’m so pleased with how it came out!

For this manicure I used:
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Base Coat
  • Models Own – Black Magic
  • Barry M – Foil Effects Gold
  • Barry M – Foil Effects Silver
  • Barry M – Blueberry Ice Cream
  • Barry M – Yellow
  • Sally Hansen – Emerald Express
  • LA Colors – Bronze Bombshell
  • No7 – Pillar Box
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Top Coat

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Day 23 of 30 Day Challenge: Inspired by a movie

I am so absolutely chuffed with this manicure. It’s my first proper freehand paint!

Choosing a film was pretty tough, but Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory has been on the TV several times recently (the new one and the old one) so I thought I would do a tribute to that film. Personally, I prefer the first one so I based my nails on that film instead of the new one.

I used Barry M Matt White, Blueberry Ice Cream, Foil Efects Gold and LA Colors Bronze Bombshell as a base for each of my nails and then used acrylic paint to freehand the design with the world’s tiniest paintbrush. I will definitely be trying freehanding again.

My little finger is the one I am leats happy with – it shows a golden ticket, my ring finger has a shiny chocolate base with the Wonka ‘W’ on it, my middle finger shows loads and loads of the famous ever-lasting gobstoppers, my index finger shows a little oompa loompa, and finally my thumb shows my take on the lickable wallpaper.

What do you think? I can’t wait to see everyone else’s take on movies!

For this manicure I used:
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Base Coat
  • Barry M – Matt White
  • Barry M – Blueberry Ice Cream
  • LA Colors – Bronze Bombshell
  • Barry M – Foil Effects Gold
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Top Coat

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