Golden Chevrons

I’m not going to lie, I’m really not that good at abstract nail art. I just don’t find it very inspiring and find it hard to come up with an idea I actually like. I guess it’s just not cute enough.

Having said that, I thought I should just try, just once. Here we have my glittery golden chevrons!

Golden Chevrons Nail Art

Click to see more photos and to find out how I did it!

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Review: Jacava Raspberry Bavarois

Hi all! Today I have another review for you about a polish made by the relatively new British brand, Jacava. This luxurious polish is called Raspberry Bavarois.

Jacava’s Raspberry Bavarois is a wonderful hot pink but with a richer, fuller tone. This pretty pink has much more of a red undertone to it than a purple, and so really suits my skintone which is just one of the reasons I love it so much!

The bottle itself is very tall with a nice long brush handle which is great for getting a good grip. The brush is nice an smooth flowing and I managed to get full coverage of my nail in just three strokes. Much better than some polishes.

Jacava Raspberry Bavarois

It took just two coats to get a nice even colour on my nail, which was great as I really hate my nail polish too thick.

You can buy this beautiful pink polish HERE for £14.50, which is a little high for your average nail polish purchaser, but it’s also an 8-free polish (free from lots of nasty chemicals) and even has gold leaf writing on the bottle!

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Review: Jacava Blackberry Fool

This post contains a press sample.

Having a good day? If not, I hope I can make it a whole lot better with this gorgeous new polish I have to show you!

A few months ago an email dropped in my inbox from the company Jacava asking if I would be interested in trying out some of their brand new high quality nail polishes. Of course, I couldn’t decline! I’m a sucker for a scoop! They very kindly sent me two polishes, one of which I am finally getting around to reviewing today. Let me introduce you to Jacava’s Blackberry Fool.

Jacava really know how to sell their polish, as the description on their website make it sound like a nail polish addict’s dream!

All JACAVA non-toxic nail polish uses a premium, high gloss, long-lasting and nourishing formulation to help your nails stay stronger and grow longer. Designed in London and made in the UK, JACAVA is a quintessentially British nail polish brand with a stunning, luxurious bottle & 22-carat gold printing.

I was absolutely fascinated by the gold print on the bottle when I got it. I couldn’t believe it was real!
It is also perfect for those concerned about the toxicity of using nail polish or vegans as it..

is an ’8-free’ nail varnish. That’s free from DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Cellophane, Parabens, Phthalates and Animal Ingredients

Be warned, it does come with a slightly higher price tag than usual at £14.50, but it is so unusual to come across a product that has been designed with so much in mind, that it doesn’t actually seem to high.
There is also quite a decent amount of polish in the bottle at 12ml, and when you compare that to £11 for a 10ml Nails Inc bottle, you get quite a reasonable amount for your money.

Jacava Blackberry Fool

The colour of the nail polish is such a beautiful rich purple-y, fushcia-y, pink. In fact, Blackberry is the perfect name for it as it is such a rich fruity colour! It reminds me of the bright colours you get in a blackberry pie!

Blackberry Fool is a creme polish with a very good consistency. I was nervous about the brush when I was waiting for the them to arrive, as some premium brands can forget about this key factor (I’m looking at you, Chanel!), but the colour just painted on with ease in a few swift movements.

In these photos, you can see two coats but if I had have done a slightly thicker first coat, I don’t think I would have bothered with the second one. It has such a good pigment.

Now I’ve tried this polish, I am just itching to try the second one I was sent by them, so hopefully it’ll be here for you to read sometime in the next week.

You can buy any Jacava polish, including Blackberry Fool, for £14.50 on their website HERE. They even have a cool ‘Try It On‘ feature and you can order samples to make sure that the colour you choose will match that outfit perfectly!

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Reptile Challenge: Snake Skin

It’s Monday again! That means that it’s time for a new theme in the She Who Does Nail Art Challenges group. This week, the theme is reptiles!

I’m sure I’m going with the crowd a bit this week, and I know it’s not very original but I’ve never done a snake skin design before and I’ve wanted to use this stamping pattern for AGES.

I bought the polish pictured – NYC Magic Earth – from Superdrug this week, along with the other polishes from the NYC Foil Explosion collection and I’m so impressed at their stamp-ability (yes that’s a word), especially for only £1.99 each!

Reptile Challenge - Snake skin nails

I started by painting my nails with Essie Navigate Her and after that had dried, I used NYC Magic Earth and Bundle Monster Plate BM-215 to stamp over the snake pattern.

I love the subtle effect so much! The shine really captures the scales I was going for :)

Can’t wait to see what the other girls come up with!

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Holiday Challenge: Beach nails

I’m back again, starting a new challenge theme with the She Who Does Nail Art Challenges group! This week the theme is Holidays!

My first thought was to paint a gorgeous sandy beach shore, complete with starfish and crab! I am so chuffed with how this came out!!

Holiday Challenge: Beach nails

I started by painting my nails with a base of Models Own Bora Bora (didn’t I say that it looked like sand in my review!), and then painted on the waves area with LA Colors Sea Siren. I then gradually mixed Sea Siren with Barry M Matt White to make the edge of the sea lighter. Next I used Angelica Iced Sorbet and Barry M Block Orange to paint on the little starfish. Finally I used No7 Pillar Box to paint the crab, and Barry M Matt White and Nails Inc Black Taxi for the eyes.

I am completely in love with this nail art design. The sand is so sparkly and I just love how the sea edge turned out!

I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with this week!

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Review: Barry M Lychee

This is a polish I’ve had my eye on for a while. I’m a big fan of the Barry M Gelly Polish series and have quite a few of them, so I was pleased when they brought out some paler colours.

I’m not usually one to go for beige/tan polishes as I have such fair skin they tend to wash me out and make me look even paler, but this polish is actually quite nice on me I think. And it’s SO SHINY.

Barry M Lychee

This polish really would be a great one to wear around the office if you’re not allowed more extravagant polishes to work. It’s such a lovely shade and is really elegant.

It’s also quite a thick consistency as well, which makes me think that it would be great for stamping – I’ll have to make sure to try this out in the future!

Barry M Lychee

I bought Lychee from Superdrug for only £3.99 which is pretty good, but you can also get it in Boots or from the Barry M website. Superdrug and Barry M both have a 3 for 2 deal on at the moment so take advantage of that if you can!

Do you own any of the new Barry M Gelly Polishes? Are there any you would recommend?

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • Barry M – Lychee
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Review: beautyuk Smokey Lilac

I’m baaaacccccckkkkk!
Oh goodness it’s been too long. Wedding planning and work (and general laziness) have prevented me from posting for a while, but I have missed it so much and am so glad to be back painting my nails for you all to see again!

Unfortunately, my nails haven’t coped too well with the harsh weather we’ve had here in London over the last few months, causing them all to break and then I stupidly started biting them again. But thank goodness I came to my senses and stopped biting them, and they are now gradually growing again. So please excuse the shortness of my nails in the posts over the next few weeks.

Today I thought I would start off simple and decided to review a new bottle of polish I have just bought by beautyuk. It’s called Smokey Lilac, and is a really lovely soft colour perfect for the upcoming spring (although it’s hard to believe that it’ll ever arrive!).

beautyuk Smokey Lilac

The colour is really nice and I actually loved it on my skin tone, even though I do tend to prefer brighter colours. The formula is also really quite nice – I mean, it’s very very thin and did require three thick coats, but it dried down relatively thin and didn’t end up looking gloopy on the nail.

I think it would look perfect with silver glitter over it to make it a bit more glitzy – but you know what I’m like!!

beautyuk Smokey Lilac

I bought this polish from Superdrug for only £1.99 which is an absolute bargain, and I’m really tempted to go back and get a couple more from their selection. I especially like the look of their Posh Polish collection. GLITTER!!

Do you own any beautyuk polishes?

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • beautyuk – Smokey Lilac
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Review: Look Nail Pop Plum

I really need to start posting more often. Wedding planning is taking over my life! Anyway, sorry for the delay but I should have quite a few posts for you over the next few days.

I will start by saying that I have decided that this is my new favourite nail polish. It’s official. This might have something to do with how good it looks with my engagement ring (check out the picture, I couldn’t resist!).

I wore this nail polish for pretty much the whole week after I got engaged so that really says everything. The colour is so glossy and amazing, and the consistency is a dream.

I got so many comments from people on what a lovely colour is was, and one of my friends actually went out and bought it on my recommendation which was cool.

You get lots of photos of this beauty because I love it and because I wanted to spend some time playing with my awesome new light tent! It’s just so much more convenient now the nights are drawing in and I can still take pictures late at night! Woop woop!

For this manicure I used:
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Base Coat
  • Look Nail Pop – Plum
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Top Coat
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Day 18 of the 30 Day Challenge: Half moon manicure

So after everyone saying how easy this manicure is, I completely disagree. It took such an effort to get it looking good enough!

For those who don’t know, you can achieve this effect with a bit of cheating. You know those holepunch protectors you can buy? You know, the little stickers that go around the holes in paper to stop them from ripping…well this effect is made using those.

I started by painting my nails with Barry M Bright Pink and then waited AGES to make sure the ink was completely dry. I then stuck one of the hole protectors over where the moon of my nail should be and made sure I pressed it down well so I would get straight lines. Next I painted the nails with Maybelline Midnight Blue, making sure to paint over the stickers a bit to get a clean line. Finally, I peeled off the stickers to show the pink moons underneath.

I’m bit annoyed that I got the moon wonky on my ring finger, but it’s not too unbearable…

For this manicure I used:
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Base Coat
  • Maybelline – Midnight Blue
  • Barry M – Bright Pink
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Top Coat

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Review: Topshop Easy Breezy

It was payday on Tuesday. This usually means good things for the polish collection and bad things for the purse, but actually I did behave myself this time. Sort of.

I told myself I was only allowed to buy one polish in the shops that I went in to, and ended up coming home with only five polishes when it really could have been about fifty. If I had the money, I think I would have brought home the whole of Superdrug.

When I got home there was absolutely no question as to which I was going to try first.

Topshop Easy Breezy – in the shade with flash

Topshop’s Easy Breezy is a cool mint green, almost verging on a bit of a really pale aqua. It’s a lovely creme shade with a wonderful consistency and was opaque with only one coat! I even got a compliment from a man stood behind me in a queue yesterday who said that it was a lovely colour that suited me!

This is my first Topshop polish and I must say, I am very impressed. The bottle is really cute and the brush wider than your average brush which is great for covering your nail quickly and easily. I think Topshop polishes could start becoming one of my favorite polish brands you know…

You can buy Easy Breezy at Topshop for only £5. Bargain!

For this manicure I used:
  • Sally Hansen – Maximum Growth
  • Topshop Easy Breezy
  • Sally Hansen – Insta-Dri
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