Review: Flormar 392

I apologise in advance for the rubbish photos in this post. Well, the photos are ok – they just don’t capture the holographic-ness of it.

This polish is gorgeous. Flormar is not a brand I had heard of at all, but I somehow stumbled across it on eBay and decided to buy a bottle. Well, I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Flomar - 392

Flormar 392 has such a great holographic shine to it. You can see it the most in the sun (as with most holographic polishes) and reminds me a lot of my Gosh holographic polish.

You can buy Flormar 392 from eBay and it has some really great pictures of it there.

For this manicure I used:
  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • Flomar – 392
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat
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Models Own Wonderland Collection Swatches: Part 1

So if you’re a follower of Models Own on Facebook (and you should be) you might have seen the announcement they made yesterday about their new Wonderland polishes! Well today I managed to pop into Boots and as disappointed as I was to find out that they didn’t have the whole collection in stock, I still managed to pick up three of them and thought I woul swatch them for you :)

Northern Lights is described as “a fine holographic multi-tonal glitter in a pink finish” and that is certainly a good description, although I really don’t think that the picture that Models Own has released is very accurate to true life. It took three coats to get full coverage of the glitter and it has a really lovely pick tinge to it that it just so beautiful which the bling of the holographic glitter.

Southern Lights is described as “an opaque holographic multi-tonal glitter in a lilac finish” and is a really gorgeous polish. It’s almost a bluey-lilac in closer and has a subtle holographic-ness to it that isn’t as intense as in Northern Lights. Again, this took three coats to get full coverage but I think it would look pretty and snowy as one coat over white.

Finally we have Blizzard. Blizzard is described as “a dense mix of hand cut glitters to give a silver day-night sparkle” and I LOVE THIS POLISH. In the bottle, I wasn’t really very enamoured by it, but once I had layered it over a coat of black polish it looked like I was wearing diamonds on my nails! It’s quite amazing how this glitter sparkles different colours under different lights and it’s so chunky and lovely it is perfect!

I absolutely love everything about this collection. Give me some glitter and a bit of holographic sparkle and I’m sold. The most annoying thing at the moment though, is that I can’t get hold of the two other polishes in the collection (Jack Frost and Snowflake)! Hopefully I’ll be able to find them some time in the next week though.

You can find the Models Own Wonderland Collection in Boots stores and in the Models Own Bottleshop at Westfield shopping centre right now, or if you’re patient enough, they’ll be available on the Models Own website from the 12th October. They’re £5 each or you’ll be able to get them in a box set for £20! Plus, Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer on if you get down there quick!
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Review: GOSH Holographic Hero

When I first heard about GOSH Holographic Hero nail polish, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know what all the fuss was about as I hadn’t had the older version.

Then I saw a photo. I was SOLD.

Two weeks of daily Superdrug visits later and I was getting more and more frustrated. WHY was it not in stock anywhere?! Not even one of the shops I went into had even HEARD of it, let alone had it in stock. I was gutted, and about to give up all hope of ever having pretty sparkly fingers again.

Sunday came and my boyfriend and I were off to Hertfordshire for his mum’s birthday. On the walk from the station to his sister’s house we happened upon another Superdrug. My eyes lit up immediately and my boyfriend watched as I turned into a crazed mad woman before his eyes, dragging him into the store at full speed. I made a beeline for the GOSH stand and was gutted that I couldn’t see it lined up with the special polishes, but as my eyes glanced down to the ‘normal’ polishes I saw a flicker of RAINBOW. There it was. Like a rose between thorns.

The rest is history really. I bought the polish (while telling every nearby member of staff how excited I was to have found it) and was a happy person for a WHOLE day.

GOSH Holographic Hero

Read on to see more pretty pictures…

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